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anything you want it to be's Journal [entries|friends|calendar]
anything you want it to be

"part by part and inch by inch you'll have your mile when its through incinerate whats left of this and torch the part of me that's you"
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^my feelings.
2 ♥♥

i'm not dying tonight...

but when i realise he's gone, i will internally.

my fishyyy died, and i was punched in the face. yes.

oh, poo.
7 ♥♥

Josh, makes my day.
6 ♥♥

i feel sort-of like everything is falling down around me and i'm the only one who cares at all. i miss a lot of my old friends, and the simple, good time we had. growing up doesnt me you lose what you love, or does it?

i bought a fish, his/it's name is 001. i'm thinking about getting a turtle, cos turtles are way cute. if i had a turtle i would name it yuri. for no reason.

my favourite things have long since disappeared, so tell me, something, like a book or an album or even a website. i'm up for anything. and guys, i'm totally back to using this journal.

i promise.
4 ♥♥

I really wonder why I can't seem to settle on a journal, but constantly want a new, better, prettier one. I want an awesome layout. I want a better smile. I want I want I want.

But I can't have.

So honestly, you have to ask me: WHY ISN'T THIS GOOD ENOUGH?

I guess we'll never know.

... Will we?

Britt's pissed at me. WHY? I don't know, she doesn't care to explain it to me so whatever.

And. School's alright... Hmm. I cleaned my room, found a few dollars, bought some gas for my car, and that's all. I hate algebra. A lot. </3
2 ♥♥

Saw was really good... Really, really twisted, but good. It hurt my brain a little. And Ashes kept trying to grab my hand and hold it - she's a lesbian so it only a little tripped me out.

We had tacos at the mall, where I bought: Body glitter (CAREBEARS!), lipgloss (HELLOKITTY!), and guitar earrings.

I love Hot Topic for it's jewelry.

We also went to Bath and BodyWorks, where I got to wear my favorite perfume again. I want it bad, everyone buy it for me for Christmas, mmmhm.

Veterans. <333

I had macaroni and cheese for breakfast. :)
2 ♥♥

Hmm.. school's been okay... Though. The most gorgeous girl in my school is now going after the guy I like.

Mhm. The tag on my shirt itches.

I'm going to see 'Saw' tonight. A bit excited. Really excited.

That's all. :)
2 ♥♥

I'm still going to update this.
but it's public, from here out.

and now, i have a new friends-only journal.

if you're not added, you can ask nicely.
3 ♥♥

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